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Data Analysis & Insights


In the landscape of change and transformation, data is a valuable asset. It can be a game-changer to help organisations transition from one state to another smoothly and effectively.

Not sure how? That’s where our data experts can help.

Our data services

We help our customers to understand their data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

We go beyond surface-level analysis, uncovering powerful insights into our clients’ change, operations and performance. By delving deep into data, we can uncover hidden patterns, trends and relationships that hold valuable insights into the impact and status of change. We can help to transform this analysis into captivating visual narratives, all tailored to speak the unique language of each organisation. This approach empowers our clients to make proactive decisions, giving them the tools to navigate events and chart a successful course towards their desired outcomes. Together, we can unlock the power of data storytelling, enabling organisations to confidently shape their future.

Don’t just take our word for it, our clients say…



“A really professional team of consultants who formed a strong team and showed great commitment in delivering a set of products that will provide excellent business justification and assurance for the portfolio going forward. We were especially pleased with the data model and scripts which will make the benefit map’s inevitable complexity much easier to navigate.”
– Environment Agency



"Using your data effectively presents huge opportunities to enhance the delivery of change within organisations, providing a significant competitive advantage. Are you making the best use of your data and the opportunities it can provide?"

Mark Dalrymple-Smith
Head of Delivery Management & Data at CMC