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What is data visualisation and how can it help?

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Have you heard of data visualisation? What does it even mean? And no, it isn’t just about pretty pictures…

Data visualisation is the collation and representation of key messages held within and across datasets, translating them into relatable stories which resonate with an audience.
When there are multiple change and transformation initiatives running at the same time, the data landscape can seem vast and can be extremely complex. This has been termed the ‘data ecosystem’, and it represents the myriad of tools and systems in use and the connectivity and relationships between them.
We use data visualisation to provide insight into this complexity, and to focus the reader’s attention on areas of interest. The aim is to analyse and summarise a broad range of data, covering (but not limited to) risk logs, schedules, and change requests across transformation initiatives, so that this data is accessible to decision makers.
Data visualisations can be pretty (and could even include emojis) but it is much more important that they are accessible, informative, and meaningful as they are increasingly the basis upon which key decisions are made. Getting data visualisation right is therefore good for business!
To understand more about how data visualisation can help in your change and transformation initiatives, reach out to our Head of Delivery Management, Mark Dalrymple-Smith.

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