Our work in action

Synchronising multi-organisation records.

P3M & Data

The brief

CMC supported a large central Government department to establish single core person records across >1million records and multiple government departments and keep them synchronised to maintain a single version of the truth.


Enabling effective data management

We undertook data landscape mapping across multiple cloud and legacy systems to create a data landscape diagram. We created a data dictionary describing the fields and rules across different systems to identify which fields contained relevant data and were therefore in scope. We assessed APIs across multiple systems, identifying appropriate documentation and working with data engineers to understand relevant data and domain events. We worked with data science teams to understand how implementation of the Splink algorithm could assist with entity resolution and identity modelling for person records.
As a result, the project could collect correct data from legacy systems and use the algorithm to create and maintain single identity files.
Synchronising multi-organisation records.
“We regarded the CMC consultants as being a breeze to work with, showing a proactive understanding of what is required by a task, with the ability to just get on with it. Their feedback was greatly valued as was their willingness to stop and challenge when work was not adding value. We would absolutely engage them again. Their extensive knowledge and skills have been invaluable to the project. They have an excellent personal impact that really inspires confidence. Deliverables are always of the highest quality – the discipline they bring to delivery has perfectly balanced rigour with agility. No task is too great and they always have something in the toolbox that can solve any challenge.”
– Senior Manager, Central Government department