Our work in action

Implementing data-driven benefits management.

P3M & Data

The brief

CMC supported a large Government agency to identify and quantify benefits for a key portfolio, creating metrics and OKRs through a series of workshops. 


Tracking and visualising meaningful data to provide benefits insights

We identified what data could be collected to monitor achievement and created a set of evaluation metrics to track realisation. Having built a comprehensive data model to track programmatic benefits metrics and the organisational OKRs, we developed an interactive, visually compelling dashboard to display achievements against metrics.
This enabled project managers to select their project and see line of sight from their project right up to strategic objectives. Programme managers could use this to quantify the contributions of constituent projects to strategic delivery and therefore optimise their portfolio.
Implementing data-driven benefits management.
“A really professional team of consultants who formed a strong team and showed great commitment in delivering a set of products that will provide excellent business justification and assurance for the portfolio going forward. We were especially pleased with the data model and scripts which will make the benefit maps’ inevitable complexity much easier to navigate.”
– Senior Manager, Government agency