Our capabilities

Change Management


We are change management experts. ​We empower businesses to embrace change, navigate uncertainty and thrive in a constantly evolving business landscape.

We know that it can be challenging to achieve successful and meaningful change. That's why our approach to managing change focuses on changing the behaviour of the organisation and individuals to deliver lasting benefit.

As every organisation is different, we get to know you, before choosing the best approach for your change needs. 

Change Management

Understanding your context

We get to know your organisation including your culture, values, vision and the change you want to deliver

Creating the approach

Using our extensive experience, we select the best change methods and multiskilled consultants for your change journey

Changing behaviour

We deliver collaborative plans to embed behaviours which support and enable the required change

Meaningful change

Our bespoke approach, tailored to your context and change dynamics, focuses on behaviour change, ultimately leading to successful and meaningful transformations

Our change management services

We understand that change can be complex and daunting to navigate, which is why we provide four distinct change management services designed to address all aspects of your transformation.

Don’t just take our word for it, our clients say…

“As for CMC, I have nothing but the greatest admiration for your team. The people that have been working here with SBM were all top-professionals, and on top very pleasant people to work with. From all the consultancy firms working on the program, CMC outranked them all (by a large distance).”
– Deputy Programme Director, SBM Offshore


“CMC have given me some valuable extra tools in my toolkit, which I can share with other managers involved in the changes we’re undergoing. Working with CMC has been a good, and beneficial experience. I would recommend that other people look at their approach to change.”
– Change Manager, County Council



“With our change management services, we ensure that changes are not only adopted but embraced, bringing about meaningful and successful transformations.”

Mick Brian
Head of Change & Transformation at CMC