Our work in action

Supporting global change and transformation in the energy sector.

Change Management

The brief

CMC acted as strategic partner to support SBM Offshore’s challenging global transformation programme. This affected >11,000 people across five continents, with each region presenting a different set of cultural and organisational challenges.


Delivering global change

We worked with SBM to define the programme and support effective delivery, assisting with the programme blueprint and roadmap, describing the vision, and defining the constituent projects. Our delivery team advised on governance, stakeholder engagement and convergence planning. We created a programme heatmap showing the impact of the different projects on affected groups across the lifecycle of the programme. We developed and implemented the benefits strategy, including CSFs and KPIs so programme benefits could be demonstrated.
We stood up and managed the Programme Management Office (PMO). Alongside the PMO we set up and ran their Change Management Office, providing expert global programme communications, change and delivery support. We built internal change management capability, set up a network of SBM transformation leads across the business, and produced change delivery strategies specific to each cultural centre, enabling successful delivery in different organisational contexts. We worked across disciplines to create new ways of learning, developing a culture of collaboration and team-working. The programme delivered a measurable efficiency saving to SBM Offshore of 5% pa (equivalent to a recurring $200m pa cost saving).
Supporting global change and transformation in the energy sector.
“As for CMC, I have nothing but the greatest admiration for your team. The people that have been working here with SBM were all top-professionals, and on top very pleasant people to work with. From all the consultancy firms working in the OD24 program, CMC outranked them all (by a large distance).”
– Deputy Programme Director, SBM

What else they said

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"Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance. I think it is great that SBM has invested in change management experts and I hope everyone on the Odyssey24 Programme team realises what an amazing opportunity this is to work next to individuals like yourself!"
Chief Accounting Officer, SBM