Our work in action

Enabling cohesive service delivery.

Business Analysis

The brief

CMC consultants supported a Government agency to create one cohesive service from three legacy organisations, and ensure technical delivery achieved business value.


Laying foundations for success

Working with seniors and operational teams we developed the vision, technical roadmap and user stories for digital transformation, aligning 260 disparate tactical change initiatives with strategic priorities and the new technology strategy. We co-developed a target operating model, and agreed metrics and acceptance criteria to ensure business readiness. We implemented changes, clarifying processes, tasks, roles and ownership. The personas we developed enabled creation of a technical roadmap aligned with the business vision.


Achieving measurable efficiencies

Working software is now delivered every 2-4 weeks rather than annually. Within 4 weeks, technical capability created a 30% efficiency saving. End-to-end processes were streamlined, reducing time and effort from half a day and 100 mouse clicks, to 1 hour and just 10 mouse clicks.
Enabling cohesive service delivery.
“CMC’s consultants have an excellent personal impact that really inspires confidence. No task is too great and they always have something in the toolbox that can solve any challenge. Deliverables are always of the highest quality – the discipline they bring to delivery has perfectly balanced rigour with agility. They have been keen to share their skills and approaches with the wider team and incoming BAs which has been great to see and greatly appreciated. They were presented with a really complex task and their hard work and strong focus means risks have been greatly reduced with much more organisation and understanding brought to delivery.”
– Delivery Manager, Central Government department