Our work in action

Driving meaningful engagement across English councils.

Communications & Engagement

The brief

The Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) aims to increase the adoption and secure use of .gov.uk domains across English town, parish and community councils.  CMC is helping in two aspects: developing a service to help councils navigate the complexities of setting up and maintaining a .gov.uk domain, and implementing a campaign of communications to drive awareness and engagement. 


Demonstrating success through targeted communications

We created a four step process designed to support councils through the entire process of moving to a .gov.uk domain: each step comprises a virtual workshop and is accompanied by a series of fully accessible guides providing practical help.  Understanding the unique perspective of the parish council clerk, we have employed a friendly, open style of communications designed to take the fear out of technical change and equip them to hold informed conversations with their decision makers. We built valuable relationships with governing bodies and have been able to influence the strengthening of language surrounding the best practice use of .gov.uk domains outlined in principle guidance used by all councils.
In the two months since launch, 593 councils have engaged with the service and 222 have gone live with a new .gov.uk domain.
Driving meaningful engagement across English councils.
“Working with CMC was a great experience all round. CDDO is very busy but the CMC team could always be trusted to carry on and deliver. They were always willing to deliver difficult and complex work, going above and beyond to achieve our goals. The quality of work produced by the team has been great across the large number of different artefacts required. Each member of the team inspired confidence both individually and as a team. We would absolutely engage CMC again.”
– Cabinet Office, Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO)