Our approach
to business analysis is iterative and responsive

This reflects and supports the rapid pace of change in today’s world. We focus on collaborating with our customers and learning from each iteration, always striving to deliver value early.

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Our business analysis approach is different

  • We truly put the customer first – helping you to articulate what you want to achieve, and making sure that all stakeholders have an agreed, and single vision of the change.
  • We consider all projects to be change projects; we blend business analysis with change approaches to ensure change is realised.
  • Our approach is adaptable and can be applied across all delivery and development methodologies, from single team Scrum to scaled agile and business transformation programmes.
  • Our CMC BAs are trained to have an agile mindset so they understand how to ‘be’ agile, not just ‘do’ agile
  • We do continuous analysis, recognising that value in use drives the real requirements.
  • We invest in developing our BAs so they understand and can apply the most up-to-date techniques and approaches, to keep our delivery fresh and innovative.


Our BAs operate at two levels: strategic advisory and hands-on delivery. This ensures we work effectively to enable successful change.

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BA Advisory


At a strategic level, we help key stakeholders to form a clear and agreed understanding of the business, the problem and the required change.


Understand business


  • Understand environment, culture, business & stakeholders
  • Identify customer segments, pains and gains
  • Techniques include value stream analysis, rich pictures, SWOT/PESTLE, Porters 5 forces, McKinsey 7 Ss, business model canvas

Define business problem


  • Agree value proposition and understand problem
  • Articulate and prioritise ideas for change
  • Techniques include change facilitation, continuous analysis, prototyping and benefits realisation through benefit dependency networks

Define strategic change


  • Define vision, strategy, objectives and behaviours
  • Assess feasibility and agree high priority areas
  • Techniques include VMOST and feasibility analysis

BA Delivery

Diagram of CMC's high-level business analysis delivery approach showing a cycle from Outcome Analysis, through Outcome Development, to Outcome Delivery


Our BA Delivery approach has 3 key outcome-focused components:


Outcome analysis


  • Establish clear vision & obtain buy-in
  • Summarise situation, analyse context & problem, assess opportunity
  • Techniques include business model canvas, use case analysis, business process models, lean start-up

Outcome development


  • Develop roadmap to meet business vision
  • Define goals, collaborate on solutions
  • Techniques include ‘Now, Later, Future’ roadmaps, goal decomposition, service thinking to co-create value

Outcome delivery


  • Consider how and when value will be realised
  • Define change impact, test value of solution, evaluate goals & benefits
  • Techniques include Prosci change management, benefit dependency networks and prototyping to assess value in use

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