Why business agility?

In an increasingly competitive, connected and complex world, you need to be ready to adapt. Agile businesses are able to keep up with the pace of change and keep moving forward.


Applying our specialist knowledge and skills, we can support your agile transformation. We can help you develop a culture of openness that is prepared for change and disruption.

Business agility is key to keeping up with the pace of change...

It’s about…


  • Responding to fast-paced and complex environments.


  • Reducing delays due to inefficient processes and slow decision-making.


  • Setting out a clear vision and empowering your teams to self-organise and deliver.


  • Encouraging cross-departmental working and knowledge sharing.


  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and creative problem solving.


  • Future proofing your organisation.


Many organisations are moving to more agile ways of working. We can make sure you’re leading the way.

My team received support from Lyn and CMC as part of a Business Agility Assessment to help us uncover new areas we could improve upon and challenge our existing biases in ways of working.


[…] As part of a debrief to the whole team, Lyn and CMC provided us with deep insights into our ways of working, revealing patterns we had not seen before, whilst validating beliefs and observations that had previously been internal to our team.


Most importantly, this information was provided without inference or judgement, with Lyn and CMC giving our team space and time to think, reflect and select the next important question to help in evolving our ways of working.

- Agile and DevOps Delivery Lead, Sky Betting & Gaming

Business Agility Transformation

Organisations face many challenges when trying to achieve agile and digital transformation. From ever-changing scope to a lack of resources, there can be many hurdles to overcome. It can be difficult to know where to start.


We can help you achieve your agile and digital transformation goals. We will identify the barriers you’re facing and equip you with the tools to overcome them.


We will define a clear vision and strategy for your transformation, and help you to build a collaborative organisation that grows together. We will support your agile delivery teams to create a dynamic, connected workforce.


Performing our Business Agility Maturity Assessment as part of this service ensures that areas for improvement are identified and discussed early on, helping to create awareness of and need for change as well as encouraging buy-in from the start. You’ll find more information on this in the section below.

Business Agility Assessment

Our specialist assessment tool helps us to understand your organisational challenges and highlights key areas for improvement. This will help you to optimise the Four Dimensions of Business Agility ©:


  • Strategy: We will assess your ability to respond to the changing external environment. We will help to align your leaders in their strategic decision-making.


  • Structure: We will assess the internal factors that are limiting collaboration. We will encourage knowledge sharing to promote a network of connected teams.


  • Process: We will assess how your internal policies and processes promote effective decision-making. This will highlight areas where you can create greater autonomy and productivity.


  • Execution: We will assess your ways of working to uncover any capability or skills gaps. This will help to optimise delivery of products and services to your customers.

Agile/Executive Coaching

From your teams to your executives, we will coach at all levels of your organisation. We will ensure agility runs throughout.


We will promote an agile mindset, giving greater adaptability and responsiveness. Your teams will be ready to problem solve and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Agile Delivery

We will provide the support your agile delivery teams need to create real value. We will help you grow and improve, with a clear understanding of your offering.


To do this we will make sure you are meeting the evolving needs of your customers. We will work together to ensure what you offer is right for both your people and your customers.

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