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What does effective engagement look like from an employee’s perspective?

27 February 2023

Communications & Engagement

We often talk about employee engagement from an organisation’s perspective: Good employers understand the value to their business of people who are engaged in their work.

They know that they can benefit from a wide variety of business outcomes ranging from higher levels of productivity, to reduced sickness and absence, as well as increased advocacy, collaboration and innovation.

But what does it feel like from an employee’s perspective?

Quite simply, effective engagement has the power to elevate what is nominally a transactional relationship with our organisations to something much more. It can help people join the dots between the job that they do and their organisation’s purpose and objectives; to feel connected to its success.

If people are communicated with in an authentic and human way, they feel respected and valued. If they have a voice, are listened to and their views considered then they will feel involved in their organisation’s plans. Satisfaction will come from being recognised for ideas and efforts.

Add all this together and people are more likely to feel positively engaged with, and enthused about, the work they do and the organisation they work for. And this all comes circling back round to realising those business outcomes…

Here at CMC, we work with our customers to develop and actualise communication and engagement strategies that have reciprocal, measurable benefits for both their business and its people. Whether it’s a time of significant change or an opportunity to review and refresh current plans, we can help you realise your ambitions for improved employee engagement.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can effectively engage your employees, reach out to our Head of Communications & EngagementKaren Gibbard.

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