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AI Adoption


Our AI adoption services are designed to help you leverage artificial intelligence technologies to achieve your strategic goals, giving you the necessary support to drive the adoption and utilisation of your selected AI solution.

Our comprehensive approach covers every stage of the AI adoption journey, from initial strategy alignment to scalable implementation and beyond. Combining expertise in AI adoption with a focus on organisational readiness and strategic alignment, we empower businesses to unlock the full potential of AI and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

From aligning AI adoption with your organisation's strategy and goals, and assessing organisational and data readiness, through the creation of impactful use cases and personas, we can help you maximise the value AI can bring.

We will implement meaningful change, communication and adoption plans to support the introduction and scaling of AI, visualising and tracking its adoption and the return on investment AI brings.

Understanding how AI adoption aligns with your organisation's strategy and goals, we will help to define clear objectives and key results (OKRs).

As well as assessing organisational readiness for AI adoption, we can evaluate your data readiness and maturity for AI applications, identifying gaps and recommending actions.

We will help you create a clear and inspiring vision statement that describes your desired future state.

We will develop personas and identify use cases to guide AI implementation efforts.

Prioritising the most impactful use cases will ensure you start to see value early.

We will create a detailed AI adoption roadmap aligned with your technical implementation roadmap.

Thoughtful change and communications plans will guide communications with stakeholders and facilitate the adoption of AI technologies during the early rollout phase.

We will deliver effective change, communication and adoption plans to support the early rollout of AI solutions, maximising uptake and usage.

We can provide guidance and support to organisational teams on training and testing AI models.

We will create powerful networks of champions and super users to ensure the change lands well.

We will help you to expand the scope of AI models and increase the number of adopters within the organisation.

We will deliver change, communication and adoption plans which optimise adoption and utilisation of AI technologies to maximise their impact.

We will help you to embed AI adoption into the organisational culture and track adoption metrics over time.

We will track adoption and utilisation, monitoring AI uptake, and benchmark against industry to show effectiveness.

Using tools such as ADKAR, sentiment analysis and network analysis, we will analyse employee impact and assess changes in operations.

We will help you calculate AI's return on investment and its impact on customer satisfaction.

We will visualise the benefits achieved from AI adoption, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


Don’t just take our word for it, our clients say…


“CMC has produced excellent work by scrutinising the information on the Copilot volunteers and firming up a change strategy. I was impressed by CMC’s strong analysis and engagement skills, proactivity and thoughtful input to Copilot and wider change meetings.”
– Head of Change, Government department



"As a professional deeply involved in steering organisations through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), I’ve witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of digital innovation on change management. In today’s digital era, embracing AI and other digital technologies is not an option, but a necessity."

Mick Brian
Head of Change and Transformation at CMC