Our work in action

Supporting Copilot pilot.

AI Adoption

The brief

This customer was one of only 80 UK organisations to be invited by Microsoft (MS) to participate in the the Early Access Programme (EAP) of Copilot.


Enabling effective adoption of AI

CMC provided change management support in the early stages.
Following the issuing of a survey across the organisation to identify potential benefits, we mapped the respondent landscape to highlight which business areas had responded and identify those which needed further follow up. We collated the >400 responses, undertaking a change impact assessment to understand what impact Copilot could have. We identified key themes and categorised areas of benefit aligned to strategic priorities. This discovered some potentially significant improvements to productivity and efficiency in a number of departments and individuals.
This analysis was used to identify areas for the Copilot trial, based on the biggest impact on ways of working and lowest cost to the organisation. Finally we created a change plan including communications for the pilot and aligned this with the project plan.
Supporting Copilot pilot.
“CMC has produced excellent work by scrutinising the information on the Copilot volunteers and firming up a change strategy. I was impressed by CMC’s strong analysis and engagement skills, proactivity and thoughtful input to Copilot and wider change meetings.”
– Head of Change, Government department