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CMC Stories with our Principal Consultant, Sandra.

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We like to do things a bit differently at CMC.

We don’t believe that a one size solution fits all the needs of our clients. And we don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to our people. We positively encourage and embrace the diversity of thought, backgrounds, educations and industries that shape our team, and which bring different and valuable perspectives to both our company and our clients. 
To celebrate our talent and showcase that you don’t need to have a traditional management consultancy background to be a successful management consultant, meet one of our principal consultants, Sandra.
Sandra started her career in the telecoms industry before joining CMC, and here she shares how her experiences have shaped her professional growth as a communications and engagement specialist, along with how this has benefitted our clients.


What was your background before joining CMC? 

I started my career in customer services in the telecoms industry – making my way from the help desk to performance and process management, all the way through to setting up customer service functions for some global brands.

What made you change career direction?

I did a lot of international travel for work – every Monday a new destination – but then I broke my wrist, and dragging a wheelie suitcase was off the table for a while. Whilst grounded, I was asked to take over internal and stakeholder communications for the team and I really took to it. Never looked back!

Each time I took a new contract, I made sure it was more and more comms focused – when I took on a role as comms lead for a big programme of change, I knew career-wise, it was the right fit.

How has your background shaped where you are now?

Starting off in grass roots customer services allowed me to understand the direct correlation between the behaviour of an organisation and the reciprocal behaviour of its customers and people. I’ve never lost sight of that cause and effect.

How have you grown since joining CMC?

There’s been a huge shift towards employee engagement – creating a positive, two-way connection between people and their organisation – and I’ve been so happy to embrace this. I want people to have a good understanding of where they fit and how their role contributes to their organisation’s success. Similarly, I want the organisation to be open and honest about what’s happening – in the good, and not so good, times. Where there is mutual trust, both organisations and people flourish – I love being part of that equation.

How has your experience benefitted our clients?

I think I’m able to span the distance between the organisation and the people within it. My job is to represent both – each to the other – to give context and perspective, to translate and to champion.

When there’s a big technical change it can be easy for a programme or project to get lost in deliverables – I’m there to make sure that they stay in step with their stakeholders, that no-one gets left behind or feels ambushed, that everyone feels appropriately included.

What are your 3 take-outs about our communications and engagement service?

1. We don’t have a one size fits all approach or stick with something if it’s not working. We flex and adapt, learn and improve.

2. We work in partnership with our customers, and respect their knowledge of their own organisation. Marry this insight with our comms expertise and you know something magic is going to happen!

3. We’re a great team! It might sound cheesy but I admire the people I work with. There’s always something new to learn, an experience to share and a hive-mind to call upon.


If you want to hear more about Sandra’s story, you’ll find her wordsmithing content, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or potching about in the garden.

Or you can reach out to her on LinkedIn here.

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