Celebrating our 2nd anniversary of being Employee Owned

1st February 2023

It has been 2 years since CMC became Employee Owned, and in those 2 years we have seen small changes which only when you look back can you truly see the distance we have come.

Our Trust Board started with the challenge of understanding its purpose and role in CMC, and has developed into a functioning governance board. Of course, there are still improvements to be made, building on what we know as the function and purpose of the Trustee Board. Part of this development is self challenge, but also generating new ideas, which will be helped by the appointment of our new employee trustees joining the board.

As an organisation we share information openly across all employees, and this level of engagement provides everyone with a true understanding of how the business is performing, even when the news is not so good. There is a strong connection between the employees and the business, admittedly helped by being an SME, but still employee ownership reinforces this connection.

Being employee owned is something that is to be proud of, and helps shape us as a business. Indeed CMC’s success is for all of us, as employees, to help build and share in the future. This drives interest from both our clients and from prospective joiners. Not only can someone in CMC shape their career, they can help shape the company they work for… Now that has to be a good thing.


By John Daley, Managing Director at CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd