For almost 20 years, organisations have trusted CMC to help them achieve their change goals. Find out how we have evolved and why customers choose CMC in ‘our story’.

Our story

We founded CMC in 2002 to help public sector customers achieve their change goals, grow their capabilities and truly flourish. We wanted the freedom to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, and through our knowledge of their business provide them with high-quality, specialist expertise that met their needs and fit their culture.


Initially specialising in delivery management (portfolio, programme and project management), our many years of working on major organisational and technology change initiatives showed that change success lies in a more holistic approach – one that includes the right level of focus on the people side of change, and a clear understanding of the change and its impact. So over time we extended our core capabilities to include business change training and consultancy, and business analysis.


In 2018, CMC Partnership became two separate businesses.


  • CMC Global: Prosci’s Primary Affiliate for the UK and Ireland, providing change management training, capability building and advisory globally. You can find out more about the services that CMC Global provide on their website.
  • CMC Consultancy: providing consulting delivery and support across the UK and beyond.

Each business now has the freedom to focus on their individual specialisms, while keeping close links with each other.


Today, CMC Consultancy is a thriving business working with a wide range of customers in the private and public sectors. Our aim remains the same as it was in 2002 and is captured in our vision statement: ‘we succeed when you flourish’.

Timeline of CMC's history showing expanding capabilities from when it was founded in 2002 to present day

Our vision

We wanted our vision statement to say more than just what we do – to reflect who we are, how we work, and why we do what we do. So, we talked to our people and asked them about what they enjoyed most about working for CMC and what inspired them. They all told stories about community, collaboration, partnerships, and how our own success is tied up with that of our customers, our peers and our partners.


And so, our vision statement became ‘we succeed when you flourish‘.


  • There’s a reason why our staff come to work with us and stay working with us – we create opportunities for them to grow in confidence and capability.
  • And there’s a reason why we have long and positive relationships with our customers – we work hard to help them achieve their change goals. We leave them stronger and more change agile. Our customers’ success is our success.

This focus on people and relationships is, we believe, what makes us different from other consultancies.

Team applauding a colleague's presentation

Our values

Our values underpin everything we do. It’s critical to us that our people not only have the skills and experience to do the job, but that our values are reflected in the way they work, and the way they engage with our customers and with each other.


  • TOGETHERNESS: People matter to us. We believe teams work best when they trust and support each other. We work hard to build meaningful communities, collaborating transparently and solving problems together.
  • INTEGRITY: We will do the right thing, even when that is the difficult thing to do. We will be honest with you and always work with authenticity.
  • CURIOSITY: We strive to challenge constructively – being bold in questioning the possible, and keeping an open mind. We actively encourage a growth mindset in all our people.
  • RESPECT: We truly listen, and work with empathy and understanding. We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and treat everyone with courtesy, appreciation & kindness.

Happy colleagues shaking hands

News & views


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