Deliver on time, on budget and to the highest standard

Organisations are increasingly faced with competing priorities. There’s never enough time or resources to do what you hoped to do. That’s why it’s vital that you are able to prioritise and focus on the most impactful work.


We can help you achieve your goals by creating a supportive and collaborative delivery environment. Effective project management can ensure a one team approach that utilises the right skills for the right work.


Find the opportunities amongst the uncertainty of change through prioritisation and planning.

Equipping you with adaptability and expertise

Our focus is always on delivering the outcomes you aim to achieve, while keeping your people engaged and enthused.


We apply a deep knowledge of diverse P3M methodologies to set you up for your future. Combining our skills with yours helps us to tailor the approach to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.


You can rest assured that your organisation will be ready to act when opportunity arises.

Portfolio management

Continuous improvement and flexibility are needed to merely survive. For you to prosper and grow, you have to be able to move quicker than your competition. Progressive organisations are constantly innovating and aren’t afraid to pivot.


We can help you prioritise and eliminate any confusion over what needs to be done. With an agile approach to portfolio management, we will empower your team to focus on what matters most. We will help you reflect on where you have been, so you can be confident in where you are headed.

Project and programme management

Complex programmes need a clear structure to flourish. Without it, your teams can become siloed and disengaged. Projects and programmes require robust approaches that can adapt to rapidly changing environments.


We will use best practice delivery methods to create a unique service built around you. We will align with your strategic objectives, keeping sight of the overarching goal. While we focus on delivering tangible benefits, we never lose sight of the people side of change.

Governance & controls

Industries are evolving and changing at pace. Organisations that don’t constructively review their own performance, risk being left behind.


Our expert project and programme delivery support can help you develop your capabilities. From setting up a PMO to bringing your programme back on track, we will help you prepare for future growth.

Business case management

We can help develop robust business cases that enable transparent, evidence-based decision-making. You can be confident knowing that your resources are being used optimally and benefits are being realised.


As programmes are often very dynamic, we will continually monitor your business cases. Tracking viability throughout the programme’s life will help to save you time and money. We will ensure the work that is being delivered is closely aligned to your strategic goals.

News & views


How can data support your P3M initiatives?

5th January 2023

How can data support your P3M initiatives?

How can data support your P3M initiatives?     Data has been used to support project, programme and portfolio management (P3M) for many years but, for the most part, data collection has existed within silos, providing only ‘moment in time’...

Sponsorship and successful projects

25th April 2022

Sponsorship and successful projects

Sponsorship and successful projects   A recent LinkedIn poll conducted by CMC suggested that 92% of participants felt that a lack of senior sponsorship was the major cause of projects and programmes failing to deliver. Admittedly this is a small...

A project needs a compass

15th November 2020

A project needs a compass

Imagine the scene. A project has been running for a few months, and a discussion is being held over the priority of a particular feature. There’s vast disagreement amongst the stakeholder community, with some stating that it’s absolutely crucial, and...

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