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Sunshine on a rainy project

13th September 2020

Seascape with boat showing the sun emerging after a rainstorm. Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels.

When working on large transformational projects, there is often an understandable focus on those that will be affected by the change.  Thought...

Difficult conversations are hard but necessary

16th August 2020

Difficult conversations are hard but necessary

Nobody ever said change was easy.  As humans we seem to be ‘wired’ to resist change, with even the smallest, seemingly insignificant...

Masking our emotions

2nd August 2020

Mona Lisa with face mask. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Sam Brian, one of CMC's Trainee Consultants, looks at how awareness of our body language can help to overcome communication barriers...

Is ‘Pradmin’ filling your day

20th July 2020

Colleagues working on highlight report. Photo by Bongkarn Thanyakij for Pexels

Project work involves a whole range of different activities and there never seems to be a lack of tasks vying for our...

Reflections on Lockdown #1 – our MD

16th July 2020

Photo of our MD John Daley's newly adopted dog!

In the first of a series of 4 interviews gathering CMC reflections on lockdown, today we talk to our MD, John Daley...

Managing change remotely

8th July 2020

Smiling woman working on a laptop

When lockdown was announced, one could describe the kind of change we experienced as cliff-edge change – we’d gone over the edge...

We’re sponsoring #irmBCT!

3rd July 2020

Banner publicising CMC's sponsorship of the IRM Business Change & Transformation Conference 2020

We’re excited to be sponsoring the IRM UK Business Change and Transformation Conference (#irmBCT) which has been rescheduled for 26-29 October in London...

Speak up or ship out: the dilemma of a change agent

22nd June 2020

Colleagues leaning on balcony in discussion

We all belong to many groups – families, organisations, countries, and many more besides. If we believe a change is called for, what’s the best...

Mind your language: understanding is everything

8th June 2020

Man covering his face in confusion or exasperation. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio for Pexels.

When pursuing any kind of change initiative, ensuring that stakeholders are ‘on the same page’ is absolutely crucial.  This involves cultivating a...