At CMC we believe that people are at the heart of successful organisational change

This is because, no matter what the change is, its success ultimately relies on people doing their work or behaving differently.


Research shows us that preparing people effectively for change makes your change many times more likely to succeed. That’s why, at the core of our business change service, we use the Prosci® change management methodology.


We build on and supplement Prosci’s research-based change management methodology to deliver business change services which take those impacted on a journey that ensures they are aware, engaged, equipped and supported to adopt the change. We focus on ensuring that your people embrace your new direction, or adopt and learn to use the new systems, processes or ways of working.

Our tried and tested approach is based on nearly 20 years of extensive research

We use Prosci® as the framework to guide our people-focused approach, but we’ve enhanced this tried and tested method with other learnings and our own experiences to create a rounded, holistic approach. This starts with setting the foundations for successful change, through to embedding the outcomes. We pragmatically combine our knowledge of change methods with our expertise in understanding the people and behavioural implications.


Using a range of tools to analyse the change itself and organisational readiness, Prosci tells us where to put our attention. Then we go deeper with our customers to work out the what and the how. Together, we use this deep insight to design approaches to changes that work, encouraging new habits to form – ones that are more likely to stick.


Our end to end approach starts with change design, supports delivery, and ends with a change that lasts.


CMC's high-level business change approach showing a cycle from Define, through Prepare, Manage and Sustain, to Review

Helping you to change

Together, we can support your leadership to define your vision and lead the change effectively. We can help you to understand how to engage all your stakeholders, and assess how ready your organisation is for the change. We can evaluate the impact of the change, and create a strategic narrative that paints a compelling picture of where you want to go.


To get there, we can identify effective change strategies and plans to coach your managers and leaders, build momentum and manage resistance, and create dynamic change communications to take your staff on their change journey. We will support you to ‘unstick’ existing behaviours and create new habits to sustain the change. We’ll help you identify meaningful measures so you can track success, and make sure you achieve your goals.

Our approach is...

  • Based on different thinking – Together, we design approaches to changes that work. We apply findings from neuroscience to help you understand why your people do what they do. We employ storytelling to engage different parts of the brain. We help you to handle emotive and difficult conversations. We exploit creative tension in teams to reinforce group identity and enhance performance. We help you to develop an organisational growth mindset to build resilience.


  • Focused on forming habits – Changes stick when they become habits. We want to develop unconscious competence so that it becomes easier for people to maintain the new practices than it is to revert to previous behaviours. This could include removing barriers and making it as simple and attractive as possible to adopt new ways of working.


  • Traditional and agile – All our change work is underpinned by our agile change manifesto. We believe that empowering people and responding with agility are critical to making change stick, so whatever the delivery approach – whether agile, waterfall or hybrid – we use agile principles and values to maintain change momentum and deliver value early.

CMC's agile change manifesto. This is based on: Building relationships over creating artefacts. Empowering people over managing process. Practice & growth over perfection. Measurable progress over methodology.

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